1. I don't know what I own. How can I find out?

Feel free to call us if you are curious about how many acres you may own. Simply let us know where your minerals are located (the county, the section, township and range) and we can tell you the producing wells in your area to see if you’re on pay for those wells. And, we can also check the county records for any source documents.

2. What does the process of selling look like?

We will send you a contract for your mineral interest in a particular section based on the agreed price per acre. Once we receive your signed contract back, we will send our Landman to the County Courthouse to verify the amount of acres you may own. Upon completion of the title research, we will contact you to confirm that amount of acres you own and if the title is clear and marketable. If so, we will send you closing documents to execute in exchange for payment. The process typically takes 30 calendar days.

3. How long until you can deliver payment?

We usually can deliver payment within 30 days of receiving your signed contract as long as the title to your minerals is considered marketable and free and clear of all liens.

4. How am I going to be taxed?

You will be taxed on any Capital Gains. You will need to discuss the sale of your minerals with your accountant.

5. If I inherited these minerals what type of tax will this be?

Capital Gains Tax based on the profit or loss between the sales price and the value of the minerals when inherited.

6. Can you appraise the minerals at the time I inherited this acreage?

No, but we can refer you to a Mineral Rights Appraiser to determine the value of your minerals when you came into title.

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